Digital Workplace

Transform your workplace

The biggest barrier to change is often culture. The successful transformation to a digital workplace ultimately comes down to people. Empower your people with more intuitive, connected set of tools to do their best work.

Top reasons to build your digital workplace with Artbees

A business is only as good as its people – so why not make them extraordinary? Empowering them to work better together not only unleashes their talent and creativity but makes them your competitive advantage. The modern, easy to use applications in G Suite make real-time collaboration a breeze. Combine G Suite with Chrome Enterprise and you've got the most secure and mobile workplace.

Innovate faster

Real-time collaboration solutions such as G Suite help connect teams and remote workers, enabling everyone to find and share information faster. By harnessing their collective wisdom, employees are better able to create innovative solutions.

Provide remote working

With half of employees now working away from the office at least once a week, we’ve all become mobile workers. We need tools that let us get on with work wherever we are, using whatever device is most convenient, and help us enjoy real-time collaboration with colleagues when we’re rarely face to face.

Remove information silos

Make company knowledge – from content to subject matter experts – easily accessible so that all employees. A more inclusive environment will help staff better understand customer needs, build on ideas, and be more efficient in their jobs.

Enable video conferencing

Enable real-time communications through online meetings, audio and video conferencing with screen sharing both inside and outside the organisation. Ideal for live help desk support, online training, all-hands or for broadcasting events.

Foster collaboration

Organisations that use G Suite see their employees adopt real-time collaboration to get work done – whether that’s drawing up a contract, managing a budget, or building a presentation with an external agency.

Secure your data

Give admins simpler, more streamlined ways to manage users, control devices, ensure compliance, and keep data secure from hacks and breaches. With everything in one place, IT can maintain full visibility and stay on top of time sensitive events like provisioning new employees and updates.

Organise enterprise content

McKinsey estimates that we spend an average of 20% of our time looking for information and 38% re-creating it. Find information quickly, whether it’s stored in the cloud or on internal servers, enabling your team to organise and manage content throughout its lifecycle, from creation to archive.

Unlock productivity

Smart Reply and Smart Compose in Gmail help you clear your inbox more quickly. The Meet bot in Google Chat checks calendars to find the best times for meetings and then issues meeting invites. Forrester estimates these kind of tools can save workers at least 2 hours a week — or 13 full workdays a year.

Engage employees

Millennials are now the largest segment of the workforce. They expect quick and easy access to everything they need in one place. To attract and retain the best of this talent, provide enterprise applications that match their expectations: socially connected, collaborative, flexible and mobile-first.

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