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Transform at pace with custom cloud and mobile apps

Reimagine those specific processes that need to go digital and improve your business profitability. Our cloud native applications are designed for you and managed by us so you can focus on your own business and customer experience.

Cloud applications are becoming a more popular choice for digital businesses these days as they provide a better service. Cloud solutions use the deployment of network-based applications in a highly flexible shared IT environment.

It offers a number of major advantages over some of the more traditional application models. With minimal maintenance it can be more cost efficient against other application models. Cloud applications have the ability to deliver consistent services through a variety of channels. Our Cloud application services can deliver custom development from planning to deployment.

Faster time to market

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. Our whole approach is rooted in helping you migrate and modernise using agile processes and easily replicable foundations like Kubernetes. You get better, faster results because you have cloud natives guiding your journey.

More value for customers

We’re commercially focused, using proprietary tools and technologies that help you maximise the cost savings and value potential of the cloud. From technology to training, from design to DevOps, you get the support needed to energise teams and delight customers.

Objective advice

We’re a leading partner for Google Cloud Platform. Because we’re platform neutral, you get impartial advice that accounts for your entire tech stack – and is based on your best interests.

Our main areas in cloud application development:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

A fundamental component of any IT solution, this provides networking, storage and a visualization environment. IaaS helps to deliver a computer infrastructure, such as: network equipment, servers, system software and file space. Our cloud experts specialise in the implementation of web services and mobile application back-end developments, which are based on Google Cloud.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

A cloud based solution stack which helps to develop, test, deploy, host and maintain an application using the same integrated development environment (IDE), but without the complexity of maintaining hardware and system software. Our specialists use Google Cloud Platform that deploys a professional dedicated team of Google developers to create different cloud apps, ranging from specialized search engines to consumer applications. We feel that cloud development is the fastest way for your product to hit the market, without any hardware limits.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

All software are hosted together with their data on the internet, and here at Artbees we have extensive experience in the implementation of specific SaaS solutions in our main business domains.

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