Data, Analytics and AI

We understand data is challenging.

We help our clients regain control of their data, promoting innovation, simplification and high-value, actionable insights

What give us the edge

Our Data, Analytics and AI practice brings together a highly committed team of experienced data scientists, mathematicians and engineers. We pride ourselves in collaborating with and empowering client teams to deliver leading-edge data analytics and machine learning solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.

We operate at the edge of modern data warehousing, machine learning and AI, regularly participating in Google Cloud alpha programs to trial new products and features and to future-proof our client solutions.

We have support from an in-house, award winning application development practice to deliver embedded analytics incorporating beautifully designed UIs. We are leaders in geospatial data and one of the first companies globally to achieve the Google Cloud Location-based Services specialisation.

Save costs and increase agility

The transition to the cloud will free you from managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. We can reduce your costs and provide the scalability and agility to cope with whatever the future holds. Google Cloud’s customer-friendly pricing offers up to 60% savings, with automatic discounts for both long- and short-running applications. Blazing VM start times and Google’s global private network mean low latency and high performance for users.

Realise value in weeks, not months

Quickly gain the cost, performance and innovation benefits of a modern cloud platform with our seamless migration process.

Artbees is your partner-in-cloud, from the initial assessment and analysis of your environment to the plan for the final roadmap. From plotting migrations of low-risk workloads to estimating costs, we help you select the best solution for your business. In the case of VM migrations, we use tools such as Cloud Physics to help you build the business case.

Adopt a multi-cloud strategy

85% of enterprises have a hybrid- or multi-cloud strategy, with applications running in both public and private clouds. Realistically, many businesses evolve legacy systems to benefit from the cloud without completely throwing out historic investments.


Regain control of your data. We first consolidate your data sources into BigQuery, Google’s scalable and secure data warehouse platform. We then apply the necessary transformations and governance to clean, conform and enrich your data, ready for consumption.

Learn and predict

Unleash the AI & machine learning capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform. By using AutoML, BigQuery ML and Tensorflow we can discover key actionable insights; from predictive analytics to drive decision making, to learning trends, patterns and themes hidden in your data.


Tell a cohesive story about your data. Just having it is not enough. Locked away in the dark, its’ potential can’t be realised. We bring it to light through cutting-edge visualisations including engaging and responsive dashboards, business focused self-serve and embedded analytics.

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